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At LCDSLD, we are committed to providing high-quality screen solutions for a wide range of applications, including self-service kiosks. To deliver the best possible user experience, we work with trusted partners to source components, such as kiosk handsets, that meet our strict quality and regulatory standards. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at one of our partners, an OEM kiosk handset supplier that is ROHS compliant.

Who is the OEM Kiosk Handset Supplier?

The OEM kiosk handset supplier we work with is a leading manufacturer of kiosk peripherals, including handsets, keyboards, card readers, and more. They have been in business for over two decades and have a strong reputation for delivering high-quality products and excellent customer service. Their commitment to quality aligns perfectly with LCDSLD’s focus on custom display and touch solutions for our OEM customers worldwide.

What is ROHS?

ROHS, which stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances, is a European Union directive that restricts the use of certain hazardous materials in the manufacture of electronic and electrical equipment. The directive aims to protect human health and the environment by reducing the amount of hazardous waste generated by the electronics industry. By partnering with a ROHS-compliant supplier, LCDSLD ensures that our kiosk solutions meet the highest standards of safety and environmental responsibility.

Why is ROHS Compliance Important?

ROHS compliance is important for several reasons:

  1. Environmental Responsibility: By using ROHS compliant components, we are helping to reduce hazardous waste and minimize the impact of electronic waste on the environment. This aligns with LCDSLD’s commitment to sustainability and responsible manufacturing practices.
  2. Quality Assurance: ROHS compliance is an indicator of quality and safety. ROHS compliant components are tested and certified to meet strict quality and safety standards, ensuring that our kiosk solutions deliver reliable performance and long-lasting durability.
  3. Legal Compliance: Companies that sell electronic and electrical equipment in the European Union are required by law to comply with ROHS regulations. By working with a ROHS-compliant supplier, LCDSLD ensures that our products meet all necessary legal requirements, allowing our customers to confidently deploy our solutions in any market.

Key Features of the OEM Kiosk Handset Supplier

The OEM kiosk handset supplier that we work with is ROHS compliant and offers several key features and advantages:

  1. Customization: They offer customized solutions to meet specific customer requirements, such as unique colors, logos, and branding. This flexibility allows LCDSLD to create truly bespoke kiosk solutions that perfectly match our clients’ needs and brand identity.
  2. Compatibility: Their handsets are compatible with various kiosk systems and software, making integration and installation easy. This compatibility ensures that our kiosk solutions can be seamlessly deployed in a wide range of environments and applications.
  3. Durability: Their handsets are designed to withstand heavy usage and harsh environments, with features like ruggedized cables and connectors. This durability is essential for kiosk solutions that must operate reliably in high-traffic public spaces.
  4. Ergonomics: Their handsets are designed with user comfort in mind, with ergonomic grips and intuitive button layouts. This attention to ergonomics ensures that our kiosk solutions provide a comfortable and user-friendly experience, encouraging engagement and satisfaction.


Choosing the right components is crucial to delivering a high-quality user experience in self-service kiosks. By working with trusted partners like the OEM kiosk handset supplier we’ve highlighted in this article, LCDSLD can ensure that our products meet the highest standards of quality, safety, and regulatory compliance. For more information about our kiosk solutions and component offerings, contact LCDSLD today!


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