43 Inch Commercial Android Double-sided Portrait Screen

Model: Ceiling-mounted, 500 nits with CMS Media Player

Double-sided Portrait Screen delivers a Semi-outdoor grade large-format display with sound color output, updates & plays content via CMS software remotely. It’s public used in gyms, shopping malls, and hospitality environments to attract passers-by’s attention.

  1. 43″ commercial 500 nits brightness screen, ultra-narrow bezel, ultra-light fashion revolutionary double-sided design,  hanging on the ceiling or free-standing;
  2. Designed with a fanless design to ensure quiet. The back cover adopts high-strength aluminum material which has good heat dissipation.
  3. Equip with RK3288 commercial-grade quad-core processor, WiFi/Ethernet/Bluetooth in-built, update contents remotely 7/24 hours with the CMS. Provide full support to install any third-party’s software.
  4. Include all installation accessories, unpack and install.

CPU: Rockchip RK3288 Quad-core Cortex-A17 1.8GHz

Memory: 2G

Storage: 8G

Network Card: 100M Gigabit Lan

Audio Cards: HD Audio

WiFi: With a antenna,2.4G, 802.11.b/g/n

Bluetooth: 4.0

I/O Port: TF*1, AV out*1, RJ45*1, DC Jack*1, WiFi antenna*1, HDMI2.0 output, USB Host*2

Power: Input 100-240V AC~50/60Hz

Plug: Default styles by country (If you have a requirement for the plug, please leave a message to us)

Cooling System: Fanless

Operating Temperature: 0~50℃

Storage Temperature: -20~70℃

Humidity: 5%-90%

Operating System: Android 5.1+

Display Type: IPS LCD screen

Display Size: 941.18 × 529.41 mm (H×V)

Resolution: 1920 × 1080

Brightness: 500 cd/m²

Backlight Life: 50000 hours

Contrast Ratio: 3000:1

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Response Time: 6.55 ms

Physical Dimension: 1233.5 * 612 * 53.2 mm (H*V*D)

Installation Method: Ceiling-mounted/Other Installation Methods


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Engage and captivate your audience like never before with the innovative 43 Inch Commercial Android Double-Sided Portrait Screen from LCDSLD. This state-of-the-art digital signage solution combines the power of Android technology with the eye-catching appeal of a double-sided display, providing a versatile and engaging platform for your promotional needs.

The Power of Double-Sided Display

With the 43-inch double-sided display, your content gets twice the exposure. The dual screens offer:

  • Unprecedented visibility for your advertisements, promotions, or informational content
    • Optimal brightness levels of 700 cd/m² ensuring clear visibility even in brightly lit environments
    • The advantage of a 43″ signage screen that makes your content hard to miss

Double your impact and make every pixel count with this game-changing double-sided portrait screen.

Android Operating System: A World of Possibilities

Harness the power and flexibility of the Android operating system. This commercial display brings:

  • Ease of use and familiarity of Android interface
    • Access to a myriad of apps, enhancing the functionality of your display
    • Seamless content updates and remote management capabilities

The 43-inch Android screen is more than just a display; it’s a versatile tool that can transform the way you communicate with your audience.

Superior Build for Commercial Use

Designed with commercial use in mind, this double-sided display is built to last. Key features include:

  • Robust construction, ensuring longevity and durability
    • High vibrance display for impactful visuals
    • Waterproof and high-quality screen suitable for various environments

With the 43 Inch Commercial Android Double-Sided Portrait Screen, you can rest assured that your message will be heard, seen, and remembered.

Revolutionizing Retail and Beyond

This Android double-sided portrait screen isn’t just for retail. It’s an effective solution for a variety of sectors:

  • Education: A dynamic tool for schools to display announcements, timetables, and educational content.
  • Healthcare: Hospitals can use it to display important health information and guide patients.
  • Transportation hubs: Display flight information, advertisements, or other relevant content in airports or train stations.

The versatility of this product means it’s not just a commercial display; it’s a comprehensive communication solution.

LCDSLD: Your Partner in Digital Display Solutions

At LCDSLD, we’re committed to providing high-quality, innovative digital display solutions. Whether you’re in need of a kiosk, touchscreen monitor, or a double-sided portrait screen, we’ve got you covered.

Our range of digital display solutions can revolutionize your retail strategy and help you connect with your audience in a whole new way. Don’t miss out on the chance to transform your business.

So, if you’re ready to take your advertising and promotional efforts to the next level, contact us today or visit our website to explore our range of products. Let’s create something amazing together!

Get in touch with LCDSLD today and step into the future of advertising with the 43 Inch Commercial Android Double-Sided Portrait Screen.

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