24 Inch Commercial Wall-Mounted Embedded Touchscreen Monitor


It delivers an industrial-grade display, ready to connect to an Android box or Linux/Windows PC, and installs the PCAP touchscreen.
It is widely used as an HMI for interaction in point of sale, self-service, wayfinding, corporate, healthcare, education, transportation, entertainment, restaurant, and hospitality environments.

  1. Design: Slim, Sleek & Stylized Wall Mounted/Rack Mounted/Embedded/Open Frame Design, rugged metal housing, aluminum frame with advanced spray drawing process;
  2. Process: 3mm tempered glass covered in front to protect LCD panel, obtain an IP65 rating on the front side of the unit, operate 7/24 hours;
  3. Solution: LCD monitor/HMI, connect to Android box, Linux/Android PC via an HDMI/VGA/USB cable;
  4. Touch technology: 10 points smooth projected capacitive touch screen.

CPU: Monitor

Audio Cards: HD Audio

I/O Port: HDMI Input*1, VGA Input*1, DC Jack*1, USB *1 for touch screen

Power: Input 100-240V AC~50/60Hz

Plug: Default styles by country (If you have a requirement for the plug, please leave a message to us)

Cooling System: Fanless

Operating Temperature: -20~60℃

Storage Temperature: -20~70℃

Humidity: 5%-90%

Display Type: IPS LCD screen

Display Size: 295.8× 523.4 mm (H×V)

Resolution: 1920 × 1080

Brightness: 350 cd/m²

Backlight Life: 50000 hours

Contrast Ratio: 1000:1

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Response Time: 5 ms

Physical Dimension: 342.2* 569.8* 40.8 mm (H*V*D)

Installation Method: Wall-mounted/Free-standing/Other Installation Methods


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Welcome to the future of interactive displays! LCDSLD is proud to present the 24 Inch Commercial Wall-Mounted Embedded Touchscreen Monitor, a powerful tool designed to revolutionize your business. With its impressive features and sleek design, this industrial-grade display offers endless possibilities across various industries.

Unleashing the Power of Touchscreen Monitors

In this technology-driven era, touchscreen monitors have emerged as game-changers, transforming the way businesses engage with their customers. LCDSLD’s embedded touchscreen monitor takes interactivity to a whole new level, providing users with a seamless and intuitive interface.

Advantages of Embedded Touchscreen Monitors

  • Increased Interactivity: With direct touch capabilities, users can interact with digital content effortlessly. Say goodbye to traditional input devices and embrace a more engaging experience.
  • Improved Customer Engagement: The embedded touchscreen monitor empowers businesses to attract, engage, and retain customers effectively. By providing an interactive platform, you can create memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Navigating through content becomes a breeze with touchscreen monitors. Users can access information and perform tasks with ease, resulting in a satisfying and enjoyable user experience.

Real-World Applications

The applications of embedded touchscreen monitors are vast and diverse, making them an indispensable tool across various industries. Let’s explore some of the exciting use cases:

Retail: Point of Sale and Beyond

Touchscreen monitors are revolutionizing the retail industry. They are widely used in point-of-sale (POS) systems, streamlining customer transactions and enhancing efficiency. Additionally, these monitors find their place in digital signage, creating captivating displays that capture shoppers’ attention and drive sales.

Self-Service Kiosks: Redefining Customer Service

Self-service kiosks equipped with touchscreen monitors have become ubiquitous in airports, malls, restaurants, and more. They enable customers to access information, place orders, and perform transactions independently. The future is here, and it’s all about seamless, self-service experiences.

Healthcare: Embracing Technological Advancements

In the healthcare industry, touchscreen monitors play a crucial role in streamlining processes. From patient registration to record-keeping, these monitors offer healthcare professionals quick and easy access to vital information. With the LCDSLD touchscreen monitor, patient care is enhanced through efficient data management.

Education: Interactive Learning at Your Fingertips

Embedded touchscreen monitors are transforming classrooms, enabling interactive learning experiences. Teachers and students can engage with educational content in a dynamic and immersive way, fostering creativity and knowledge retention.

Rugged Design Built to Last

LCDSLD’s 24 Inch Commercial Wall-Mounted Embedded Touchscreen Monitor combines style with durability. Its slim, sleek design is housed in a rugged metal casing with an aluminum frame, ensuring longevity and reliability. Designed for 24/7 operation, this monitor is built to withstand the demands of any environment.

Seamless Interaction and Versatile Connectivity

Featuring a smooth projected capacitive touch screen with 10 points, the LCDSLD embedded touchscreen monitor offers a seamless interaction experience. It can be easily connected to an Android box, Linux/Windows PC using HDMI, VGA, and USB cables, making it compatible with various systems. Whether you’re using it for digital signage, kiosks, or other applications, this monitor provides flexibility and versatility.

Easy Installation and Multiple Display Options

Installing the 24 Inch Commercial Wall-Mounted Embedded Touchscreen Monitor is a breeze. With dimensions of 342.2 x 569.8 x 40.

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