Windows OPS Mini PC

Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) refers to a standardized PC module, typically using an Intel-based chipset and CPU running the Microsoft Windows operating system. The Windows OPS mini PC is a computing module plug-in designed to add computing capabilities to intelligent interactive LCD products.

One major advantage of using the Windows OPS mini PC in LCD digital signage is the ease of replacing the computing module in case of failure, significantly reducing downtime and maintenance costs. The Windows OPS mini PC from LCDSLD ensures a true “plug and play” experience for fast user setup through easy installation. It also supports one-click system restore, providing greater convenience for system maintenance.

Our Windows OPS mini PC boasts a compact, robust, and high-quality ultra-thin OPS design (33mm thick) with ultra-lightweight aluminum alloy material. It incorporates an integrated fanless structure cooling design for quiet, smooth operation and low power consumption. With industrial-grade SSD components, our Windows OPS mini PC delivers powerful, stable, and long-lasting performance. Supporting a wide range of operating temperatures, the highly reliable unattended system allows for 7/24-hour operation, making the Windows OPS mini PC a dependable, all-weather professional-grade PC.

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