Interested in Becoming an LCDSLD Authorized Distributor, Reseller or Dealer?

At LCDSLD, we envision a world with cutting-edge custom display and touch solutions. This would not be possible without the support of partners who are just as excited at the prospect of our vision becoming a reality.

We Have Over 310 Partners Globally

Open the doors to an LCDSLD dealership, and you’ll see the strong foundation that makes LCDSLD the leader in the industry. LCDSLD is driven for the customers’ business growth by providing efficient solutions through high-performance custom displays and exceptional services.

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Why Should You Be Part of Our Journey?

Over 30 years of innovation make us who we are today. Your support can make us even stronger tomorrow.

Precision Strike

Facing specific competitors, we will provide you with price concessions based on the actual situation to help you win customers in the competition.

Free Samples

We provide you with free samples, which can not only increase your stickiness with terminal merchants and your brand weight, but also enable you to obtain more accurate customer information.

Technical Guide

LCDSLD provides direct technical support to your customers, thereby reducing your support burden on display-related issues. We also provide remote technical guidance for on-site workers.

Sales Support

Our team is always ready to provide the necessary brand guidance for selling LCDSLD products. You can get all the resources you need to carry out effective marketing activities.

Regular Training

We offer regular business training for dealers with the aim of analyzing competitors and the market thoroughly and improving your business knowledge and practical skills comprehensively.

Brand Promotion

We provide publicity strategy guidance and rich promotional material support. In addition, we will also help you increase your brand exposure through a variety of online and offline methods.

Our Expectations

As our dealer, we expect you to actively promote our products in your local market, and we expect you to engage in an ongoing open dialogue with us on how to increase our business together.
We want dealers to be our loyal business partners and build long-term relationships based on mutual respect.
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