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LCDSLD stands as a vanguard supplier of industrial Android Panel PCs, Touch Panel PCs, and Industrial Android Computers. These premium-grade products are meticulously designed for operation in severe industrial environments and endure extreme conditions.

A standout feature of LCDSLD’s Android Panel PCs is their IP65 certification, offering robust protection against dust, water, and other potentially damaging elements. This resilience renders them ideally suitable for harsh industrial landscapes, such as factories and workshops, where conventional computers would falter.

LCDSLD’s Industrial Android Panel PCs are engineered for demanding applications, boasting powerful processors, ample RAM, and robust storage choices. These machines are capable of handling strenuous tasks such as real-time data processing, control systems, and automation.

The company’s Android Panel Computers and Industrial Android Panel PCs are fashioned to seamlessly integrate with existing systems. They offer a myriad of connectivity options, including USB, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi, rendering them versatile for a broad array of applications. Additionally, these panels are equipped with multi-touch displays, making them superbly suited for industrial-grade touch applications.

LCDSLD’s Industrial Android Panel PCs also come with DC power options, making them ideally suitable for environments devoid of AC power. This renders them ideal for use in remote locations, such as construction sites or isolated control rooms.

So, what is an Android Panel PC? Android is the prevalent operating system for mobile devices, primarily designed for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. An Android Panel PC is an all-in-one panel PC predicated on the Android OS, typically incorporating a touchscreen display for a user-friendly application operation.

What are the applications for an Android Panel PC? The Android Industrial Panel PC is explicitly designed for continuous business operations (24/7). You might encounter the Android Industrial Panel PC in various use cases such as room reservation, wayfinding, touchscreen PC kiosk, package delivery, self-service, queueing systems, customer feedback systems, and so forth.

Moreover, the Android Industrial Panel PC is a popular choice in many sectors with high volume usage, for instance, corporate office automation, retail, healthcare, industrial automation, hospitality industries, and more.

LCDSLD Android Industrial Panel PC. Are you in search of an Android touchscreen kiosk PC to visualize your application? We offer a diverse range of in-wall touchscreen Android™ options with screen sizes spanning from 7 inches to 27 inches, such as an 8-inch LCD Android panel PC, a 15-inch LCD screen Android panel, a 15-inch vertical monitor, an all-in-one PC touchscreen wall mountable, and more.

A sleek wall-mountable design, ultra-thin exterior, and rugged metal housing significantly enhance the customer experience. The front side is shielded with 3mm tempered glass to protect the LCD panel, and achieves an IP65 rating on the unit’s front side, making it adaptable to a variety of indoor and outdoor environmental conditions.

In summary, should you be in pursuit of superior industrial computing solutions, your search ends with LCDSLD. With its array of rugged Android Panel PCs, Touch Panel PCs, and Industrial Android Computers, the company holds a commanding presence in the industry. Whether your requirements are for a computer for strenuous industrial applications or for use in harsh conditions, LCDSLD provides an impeccable solution.


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