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VESA Mount usually refers to the Flat display Mount Interface, which regulates the interface standard for monitors, TVs, and other installations on monitor stands or wall mounts. It is a centrally positioned model that minimizes the torque applied to the mount, allowing for holding heavier loads.

Now, the VESA mount method is widely used in the mounting of industrial-embedded panel PCs. It is the cost-effective support option for monitors in a wide range of applications, positioning the screen to improve flexibility and ergonomic benefits.


Why choose VESA mount for industrial panel PCs?

Low installation cost: Typically, only 4 to 8 screws are needed to tighten the monitor firmly.

Multiple bracket options: A variety of VESA-compliant brackets or wall mounts are available to support display needs in different positions.

Maximum compatibility: Hole spacing and screws are standardized – just make sure the bracket and monitor are in the same VESA mode for installation.

Higher space utilization: It reduces footprint to save factory/commercial space and prevents accidental tipping. Great for outdoor LCD display panels and digital wall panels.


Get the best industrial thin LCD panel PC for your project

Each of our industrial panel PC is made from high-quality industrial-grade components with a fanless cooling system, providing reliable and quiet productivity for all-day uptime. They can withstand rigorous 24/7 working and operate efficiently even in the most demanding, such as dust, vibration, humidity, water, shock, etc.

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