Multi-Functional Mobile Advertising Displays

Discover how innovative multi-functional mobile advertising displays are transforming in-store POP marketing, solving traditional pain points. Explore dynamic, eye-catching solutions for product promotion and customer engagement.

Dynamic In-Store Advertising Solutions

Innovative multi-functional mobile advertising displays offer dynamic, eye-catching solutions for product promotion and customer engagement. These versatile displays captivate with vibrant visuals, interactive features, and seamless retail integration.
Designed to elevate brand visibility and drive sales, they empower businesses to create immersive shopping experiences resonating with modern consumers. Explore the future of in-store marketing with these cutting-edge displays.
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Industries We Specialize In

Interactive Multimedia

Display dynamic videos, images, animations to captivate audiences.

Touchscreen Engagement
Enable users to interact with content through touch interfaces.
Remote Updates
Centrally manage and update content across all displays.
Data Integration
Display real-time data from various sources like inventory systems.
Targeted Advertising
Deliver personalized ads based on audience analytics and location.
Multi-Location Control
Manage a network of displays across multiple sites for consistent branding.

Popluar Models

DSC090975 LcdSLD

32" Single-Sided Interactive Display

Compact single-sided digital signage display offering dynamic multimedia, touchscreen engagement, remote updates, data integration, targeted ads, and multi-site control.

32" Dual-View Mobile Ad Display

Versatile 32″ double-sided digital signage display with mobile stand. Showcase dynamic multimedia ads, promotions, and wayfinding on both sides. Portable design with optional touchscreen for interactive engagement.

DSC04434 LcdSLD
DSC04442 LcdSLD

43" Single-Sided Interactive Ad Display

Dynamic digital signage with touchscreen capabilities for engaging product promotion and customer experiences in retail environments.

Happy Clients

Our new digital signage has completely transformed the in-store experience. Customers are more engaged, dwell times have increased, and we've seen a significant boost in sales.
" The interactive displays have been a game-changer for promoting our products. They grab attention, allow customers to explore features, and drive purchase decisions. We're extremely satisfied with the results. "

Innovative Ad Displays

Interactive digital signage with touchscreens for engaging product promos and multimedia content in retail.
WX20240520 LcdSLD

Modular Digital Signage Solution for Main Entrances

A versatile digital signage setup featuring a large interactive touchscreen display, complemented by advertising screens and LED light boxes. Ideal for capturing attention and engaging visitors at main entrances or ground floor locations.

WX20240520 LcdSLD

32" Interactive Display with 26" Side Advertising Screen

Versatile dual-screen solution featuring a 32″ main interactive touchscreen display paired with a 26″ side screen for advertising or illuminated signage. Ideal for engaging customers across various locations and use cases.

WX20240520 LcdSLD

42" Dual Interactive Touchscreen Display

Versatile dual-screen digital signage solution featuring a 42-inch main touchscreen display, ideal for engaging audiences in any location with interactive multimedia content.

WX20240520 LcdSLD

Dual Interactive Kiosk

Dual 32″ touchscreen displays for engaging multimedia content and product promotions. Versatile for various locations and retail scenery.

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