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An experienced screen solution provider realizes digital experience for artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things.

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Our Digital Signage Solution

You have great stories to tell, new experiences to share. Spreading these messages is child’s play thanks to LCDSLD’s easy to use digital signage platform. We’ve built a very powerful technology that’s hidden under the bonnet of an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Bring your screens to life and deliver the best possible brand experience to your audience.

It’s because we’re passionate about delivering the most beautiful stories and engaging messages that harmonise with the environment and your target audience. We develop our technology to bring the most contextualization possible to our customers. Our screen communication tools, therefore make it possible to enrich the broadcasting of all multimedia content and the intelligent diffusion of messages.

Our solution adapts perfectly to POS retail systems as well as internal corporate communications and external advertising purposes such as DOOH.


LCDSLD – The Digital Signage Solution makes managing digital content easy – for every output device, independent of location, operating system, or platform.


The unique standard features of LCDSLD enable exceptional installations and score points with manageable effort, stable operation and extremely easy operation.

When using LCDSLD, no separate server is necessary. However, any number of servers can be connected in series (cascaded). Monitoring is automated and detailed in real time. For monitoring, therefore, no third-party product is required at additional cost (e.g., Nagios). Open databases enable customer-specific integrations. The SSL encryption enables secure data transmission and the software’s own single-port transmission protocol provides trouble-free computer communication. Push and pull connections can be combined as desired. Installing a new Flash version does not require a system-wide update. All data formats are native, i.e. original, and therefore do not need to be converted. Content to be played back can be checked in real time with the preview function and screenshots can be taken.

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 LCDSLD can be used for “simple signage” from a single display with a simple content management system or for “business signage” applications.


Market leaders place their trust in LCDSLD. You have the choice of On Premises or Online.


We grow with your requirements. Thanks to its sophisticated scalability, LCDSLD can be used from the smallest solution to the automated omnichannel system for global chain stores.


We have been on the market for 18 years and our competent sales team with a lot of experience in international digital signage projects will be happy to assist you.

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Your best digital screens supplier in China, with over 15 years of digital screens manufacturing experience.

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