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Schools Digital Screens solutions

Yearning for a seamless solution to all your academic institution’s digital display needs? LCDSLD emerges as the quintessential service for education providers seeking innovative digital signage solutions.

Our sophisticated classroom signage paves the way towards an intelligent campus, harmonizing an array of elements including notifications, personnel details, time attendance, and even digitally-equipped machinery such as POS machines, self-vending appliances, and digital billboards. This comprehensive management system facilitates the orchestration of campus-wide information, class data and so much more, all with a single remote click.

LCDSLD’s state-of-the-art touchscreen monitors and android PCs bring the future of education to your institution today, by bridging the gap between traditional teaching methods and innovative technology. Such advanced equipment not only elevates the educational experience but also prepares students for a digitally-driven world.

Schools Digital Screens solutions

Digital signage has emerged as a vital conduit for educational institutions to interact with students, faculty, and guests. Digital screens offer an ideal platform for real-time dissemination of information, encompassing announcements, timetables, menus, or emergency notifications.

However, establishing a digital signage system may pose challenges for institutions, particularly those limited by budgetary constraints or technical expertise. Herein lies the niche that LCDSLD fills. Leveraging our proficiency and seasoned experience, we deliver a comprehensive solution tailored to your educational institution’s digital screen necessities.

LCDSLD’s Digital Signage Solutions

LCDSLD offers a suite of digital signage solutions, purpose-built to address the unique demands of schools and higher education institutions. Our offerings encompass:

  1. Digital Signage Software

    LCDSLD’s innovative software enables institutions to manage and timetable the content showcased on their digital screens from a centralized hub. Our user-friendly software is equipped with a host of features, including content scheduling, real-time updates, emergency alerts, customizable templates, and analytics and reporting.

  2. Digital Signage Displays

    LCDSLD provides a diverse range of digital signs suitable for educational settings. Our displays are renowned for their superior quality and are available in various sizes and resolutions to accommodate distinct needs. We also offer displays specifically designed for outdoor use.

  3. Digital Signage Content Creation

    At LCDSLD, we assist institutions in generating high-quality digital signage content that captivates and influences. Our team of skilled designers and content creators collaborate with you to produce custom content, embodying your institution’s brand and message.

  4. Digital Signage Installation and Support

    LCDSLD extends installation and support services for our digital signage solutions. Our squad of experts will work alongside you to ensure your digital screens are installed accurately and function seamlessly. Moreover, we offer sustained support and maintenance services, ensuring your digital signage system operates smoothly, devoid of disruptions.

Embracing LCDSLD as your provider for digital signage solutions offers an array of advantages, including:

Enhanced communication with students, faculty, and visitors Heightened engagement with digital signage content Optimized resource utilization Amplified brand recognition and messaging Boosted safety and security measures through emergency alerts

Digital signage serves as a pivotal avenue for educational institutions to disseminate their messages to their most valued audience. With LCDSLD’s all-encompassing digital signage solutions, you can establish a system that aligns with the needs and financial constraints of your institution. Contact us today to discover more about our solutions and how we can bolster your institution’s communication, engagement, and safety via digital signage.

Educational centers and campuses can garner numerous benefits from implementing a network of interactive screens. From reducing face-to-face interactions with self-service kiosks to accelerating back-office processes via automation, digital signage software is an incredibly dynamic tool that all institutions should utilize.


  1. Message Interaction

    The signage’s server can maintain class information, set class parameters, monitor the status of the classroom signage, and manage the classroom signage on a daily basis;

  2. Multi-Mode Display

    Through the student’s personal space, information display, interaction, messages left, and evaluations between students, teachers, and parents can be realized.

  3. Monitoring Management

    The signage server can maintain class information, set class parameters, monitor the status of the class, and manage the signage daily.

  4. Quality Education

    Offering comprehensive quality support, seamlessly integrating with a variety of wearable devices, and showcasing moral education evaluations.

  5. Walking Attendance

    Supporting walking class and walking attendance.

Provision of a Digital Campus Directory and Virtual Wayfinding

When a student or visitor steps onto a campus, their initial requirement is to understand their current location in relation to their destination and the route to get there. A digital wayfinding kiosk can display a list of destinations and services, along with a virtual map highlighting the quickest route. This significantly reduces congestion while saving time for individuals on campus.

Elevating the Convenience of Self-Service Kiosks

Self-service kiosks, far from merely economizing staff resources, endow users with the capacity to access a broad spectrum of services via a single, intuitive interface. Busy scholars will value the efficiency and exposure-reducing potential inherent in touchscreen displays for tasks such as meal orders, fee payments, or activity registration.

These kiosks can also integrate games, AR activities, photo booths, and IoT connections, cultivating an engaging, interconnected user experience. Leveraging device sensors and social media profiles can offer a more personalized, technologically advanced experience.

Implementing Safety Measures with Temperature Detection Kiosks

Again, self-service kiosks don’t merely save employee bandwidth. They enable users to access an extensive array of services via a straightforward interface, facilitating tasks completion in a single session. Students encumbered with busy schedules will appreciate the time-saving, exposure-minimizing potential of touchscreen displays for tasks such as ordering food, paying fees, or signing up for activities.

Adding to the practicality, kiosks can integrate games, AR activities, photo booths, and IoT, fostering an entertaining, interconnected user experience. Utilizing device sensors and social media profiles can facilitate a more personalized, cutting-edge experience.

Leveraging Automatic Student Data Collection and Analysis

Insights into student thought processes and behaviors are invaluable. Educational digital signage software empowers you to glean data that can be employed to deliver a more personalized and comprehensive experience. This includes identifying areas of improvement, honing your marketing approach to your audience, uncovering gaps in your available services, and more.

Emergency Guidance via Digital Signage Screen Overrides

In the unfortunate event of an emergency, your school’s digital signage solutions metamorphose into an emergency guidance system with automatic screen overrides. Overhead signage, digital billboards, promotion displays, self-service kiosks, and any other screen connected to your network will display site-specific or building-specific emergency instructions for evacuation or secure locations.

Employing a Fully Cloud-Based Content Management System

Your CMS can be accessed at any time by merely logging in from a web browser. Additions, deletions, or any other adjustments can be made in real-time with ease. Moreover, crucial data is stored on the cloud, eliminating the risk of content or valuable information loss.

LCDSLD’s education digital signage solutions can encompass custom software tailored to the unique needs of your campus. With a personalized, branded software layout and custom functions, we can provide the perfect digital signage software solution for your school or higher learning institution.

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