19 Inch Commercial Ultra-wide Android Screen

Model: WiFi/Ethernet/BlueTooth in-built, CMS Media Player

The LCD ultra-wide screens are widely used in In-store Shelves/Displays, Airports, Bus / Railway Stations, Subways, Government Buildings, Elevators, Offices, and Museums. They can utilize the limited environment to publish the product info & price.


  1. Design: Slim, Sleek & Stylized Light Weight Design;
  2. Process: 3mm tempered glass covered in front to protect LCD panel, obtain  an IP65 rating on the front side of the unit;
  3. Solution: Equip with RK3288 commercial-grade quad-core processor, WiFi/ethernet-BlueTooth in-built, operate 7/24 hours with the CMS. Provide full support to install any third-party’s software.
  4. Peripheral: Motion sensor, facial recognition camera, or any other retail analytical IoT sensors to be the trigger of playing corresponding videos.

CPU: Rockchip RK3288 Quad-core Cortex-A17 1.8GHz

Memory: 2G

Storage: 8G

Network Card: 100M Gigabit Lan

Audio Cards: HD Audio

WiFi: With a antenna,2.4G, 802.11.b/g/n

Bluetooth: 4.0

I/O Port: TF*1, RJ45*1, DC Jack*1, WiFi antenna*1, USB Host*2

Power: Input 100-240V AC~50/60Hz

Plug: Default styles by country (If you have a requirement for the plug, please leave a message to us)

Cooling System: Fanless

Operating Temperature: -20~60℃

Storage Temperature: -20~70℃

Humidity: 5%-90%

Operating System: Android 5.1

Display Type: IPS LCD screen

Display Size: 477.5× 90.4 mm (V×H)

Resolution: 1920 × 360

Brightness: 300 cd/m²

Backlight Life: 50000 hours

Contrast Ratio: 1000:1

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Response Time: 8 ms

Physical Dimension: 503.5 * 121.5* 36 mm (V*H*D)

Installation Method: Shelf-mounted/Free-standing/Other Installation Methods


190527 SH1804AD A HighEN 5 LcdSLD

190527 SH1804AD A Ultra wide space 1000 740 EN min 5 LcdSLD

190527 SH1804AD A EN min 5 LcdSLD

190527 SH1804AD A Horizontal and vertical display switching 1000 1000 EN 5 LcdSLD

Welcome to a new world of immersive and interactive display solutions with LCDSLD’s 19 Inch Commercial Ultra-wide Android Screen. This state-of-the-art product is designed to enhance customer experience and transform your business’s digital presence.

Ultra-Wide Android LCD Display

The 19 Inch Commercial Ultra-wide Android Screen is a masterpiece of technology, boasting an impressive ultra-wide, stretched LCD panel. At 19 inches, this screen provides a wide and clear visual experience, making it perfect for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. A little larger than your average tablet but way more powerful, this screen is a force to be reckoned with. Yikes!

  • Commercial grade: Designed to endure the high demands of commercial use, this screen offers robust and reliable performance. Ideal for digital signage, kiosks, and more.
  • Ultra-wide display: The ultra-wide, stretched LCD panel ensures an immersive viewing experience. It’s like having an extra-large window into your digital world.
  • Android powered: Harnessing the power of Android, this screen offers a user-friendly interface and a wealth of apps to customize your display content.
  • High-resolution display: Enjoy vibrant colors and sharp details with its Full High Definition (FHD) display. It makes everything from images to text look crisp and clear. Phew!

Unleash the Power of Android in Commercial Displays

Android’s flexibility and easy-to-use interface make it a perfect fit for commercial display solutions. This ultra-wide Android screen is more than just a large tablet; it’s a powerful tool for conveying information, advertising products, and engaging customers.

  • Versatile applications: This Android-powered display can be utilized in a wide array of settings, such as in retail, education, hospitals, and offices.
  • User-friendly interface: Thanks to its Android OS, managing your content is as easy as using your smartphone. No need for complex programming skills. Heaven Forbid!
  • Rich app ecosystem: Leverage the power of Android’s vast app ecosystem to bring dynamic content to your display.

LCDSLD: Your Partner in Display Solutions

At LCDSLD, we are committed to providing top-quality, innovative display solutions to meet the evolving needs of businesses. Our 19 Inch Commercial Ultra-wide Android Screen is just one of the many exceptional products we offer. We pride ourselves on our expertise and our ability to provide the best possible solutions for our customers. So, if you’re looking for a reliable, high-quality display solution, you can’t go wrong with LCDSLD.

For more information about our products and services, feel free to contact us. You can also check out our product catalog and buyer’s guide for more options. Gee, isn’t that handy?

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