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Shelf Edge Display Tips to Increase In-Store Sales

While great products and excellent customer service can keep customers coming back, your visuals and branding are going to be the elements that get people to
walk in front of your shelf in the first place. Your shelf edge display plays a big part in this, which is why you should take the steps to make its contents as fresh and
attention-grabbing as possible.

  1. Be aware of who your target audience is
    Before you configure your display content, take some time to think about your target audience. Who do you want to attract?
    What types of people would benefit most from your products and services? Let the answers to these questions guide your decisions. Your shelf header display needs to be targeted enough to entice the right shoppers, but not too specific that it’ll alienate potential customers.
Stretched Display 3 LcdSLD
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  1. Place key ultra-wide displays at eye level
    Aside from considering your target audience, you also need to think about their perspective.
    What do you want them to look at? How can you draw them in closer? Usually, this means putting your prime content right at eye level.
  2. Use your shelf edge displays not just to showcase products, but to tell stories
    Stories, whether they’re read, heard, or in this case, seen, are far more effective in grabbing and keeping people’s attention. In other words, stories stick.
    This is true for speeches, articles, and yes, even shelf-edge displays. Your displays should go beyond showing off your products; they should tell tales that pique shoppers’ interest and encourage them to buy. You can do this by selecting a theme, and finding stories in line with it.
  1. Change your display contents frequently
    Retailers need to keep their shelf edge display contents up-to-date and relevant.
    Change their contents at least once a month; and during busy seasons such as the holidays, it’ll be better to change them every week. It may seem quite burdensome and expensive to constantly be changing display contents but their effectiveness is directly correlated to their relevance to your current promotions, the season, the weather, and so on.
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Final thoughts
Creating captivating shelf-edge display content
for retail stores can be a wildly effective tool when it comes to increasing foot traffic and hopefully resulting in more sales.
They allow you to create a branded, exciting customer experience before they even buy.

As you’re working on your next display content, consider gathering opinions from your entire team, especially those who have any artistic talent, or marketing experience,
or who work with your customers directly. They can have great insights about what your audience may want to see, and having more ideas is always a plus.
You can use the Homebase and Lightspeed integration to message members of your team for suggestions or feedback, even if they’re working remotely.

Ready to leverage analytics and reporting to make your best display content yet? Learn more about how our Shining Star team can help your business increase sales in no time!

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