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Revolutionize payments with LCDSLD, China's premier custom kiosk supplier. Cutting-edge display & touch solutions for OEMs. Explore our products now.

Are you an OEM or business looking to revolutionize your payment systems with cutting-edge kiosk solutions? Look no further than LCDSLD, China’s premier supplier of custom display and touch solutions. With over 30 years of experience delivering excellence to valued customers, a global presence of more than 3,000 employees, and 600,000 ft² of state-of-the-art manufacturing space, LCDSLD is your trusted partner for transforming your payment infrastructure.

As a Tier 1 OEM manufacturer, LCDSLD offers a comprehensive range of high-performance solutions, including:

  • TFT LCD displays up to 12.1″ diagonal with high resolution, brightness, and sunlight readability
  • PRECI-Touch™ PCAP touch sensors up to 25″ supporting 16 touches, expertly tuned for challenging environments
  • Customized cover lenses in 2D & 3D shapes with printing, optical treatments, and Corning® Gorilla Glass®
  • OLED displays delivering vivid colors and deep blacks for an immersive visual experience
  • Screen protectors in 2D, 2.5D and 3D shapes, precision-machined for any device

Why Choose LCDSLD for Your Kiosk Needs?

  1. Unrivaled Customization: LCDSLD specializes in providing tailor-made solutions to meet your unique requirements. Their experienced engineering team leverages extensive technical expertise and data-driven insights to design and manufacture display and touch components that perfectly align with your business needs.
  2. Integración vertical: As a single-source supplier, LCDSLD offers end-to-end solutions encompassing displays, touch sensors, cover lenses, cables, connectors, and enclosures. This comprehensive approach streamlines your supply chain, reduces costs, and ensures seamless integration of all components.
  3. Control de calidad riguroso: LCDSLD’s commitment to quality is evident in their stringent testing and qualification processes. Each solution undergoes thorough evaluation to guarantee optimal performance, reliability, and durability, even in the most demanding environments.
  4. Servicio al cliente excepcional: With a dedicated team of experts, LCDSLD provides unparalleled support throughout the entire product lifecycle. From initial consultation and design to manufacturing, integration, and after-sales service, you can count on LCDSLD to be your trusted partner every step of the way.
  5. Alcance global: LCDSLD’s extensive manufacturing capabilities and global presence enable them to serve customers worldwide. Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, LCDSLD has the scale and flexibility to meet your needs with quick design cycles, cost-effective solutions, and timely delivery.

Mejore su experiencia de pago

By partnering with LCDSLD, you can revolutionize your payment systems and elevate the customer experience. Their state-of-the-art kiosk solutions enable seamless, secure, and efficient transactions, reducing wait times and increasing customer satisfaction.

Interactive Touch Displays

LCDSLD’s high-brightness TFT LCD and OLED displays, combined with their responsive PCAP touch sensors, create an engaging and intuitive user interface. Customers can easily navigate menus, select products, and complete transactions with just a few taps. The vibrant colors, sharp contrast, and wide viewing angles ensure an immersive experience that enhances brand perception and customer loyalty.

Robusto y confiable

Designed to withstand the rigors of continuous use, LCDSLD’s kiosk solutions are built for durability and reliability. Their displays feature robust construction, high-quality materials, and advanced protection against dust, moisture, and temperature fluctuations. With LCDSLD’s solutions, you can be confident that your payment kiosks will perform flawlessly, even in challenging environments.

Integración perfecta

LCDSLD’s vertically integrated approach ensures that all components of your kiosk solution work together seamlessly. From the display and touch sensor to the cover lens, cables, and enclosure, every element is designed and manufactured to the highest standards. This holistic approach minimizes compatibility issues, simplifies installation, and reduces maintenance requirements, saving you time and money.

Seguridad mejorada

In today’s digital landscape, security is paramount. LCDSLD understands the importance of protecting sensitive customer data and financial information. Their kiosk solutions incorporate advanced security features, such as encrypted communication protocols, secure payment processing, and tamper-resistant hardware. With LCDSLD, you can provide your customers with peace of mind, knowing that their transactions are safe and secure.

Marca personalizable

Your payment kiosks are an extension of your brand, and LCDSLD recognizes the importance of creating a cohesive and memorable customer experience. Their team works closely with you to customize the design, layout, and branding elements of your kiosk solution. From custom colors and logos to unique user interfaces and interactive features, LCDSLD helps you create a payment kiosk that truly reflects your brand identity.

Historias de éxito del mundo real

LCDSLD has a proven track record of delivering exceptional results for businesses across various industries. Here are a few examples of how their custom display and touch solutions have transformed payment experiences:

  1. Quick Service Restaurants: A leading fast-food chain partnered with LCDSLD to implement self-service ordering kiosks. The intuitive touch interface, vibrant displays, and seamless integration with the restaurant’s POS system significantly reduced wait times, increased order accuracy, and boosted customer satisfaction. As a result, the chain saw a 20% increase in average order value and a 15% reduction in labor costs.
  2. Tiendas minoristas: A high-end fashion retailer sought to enhance their in-store payment experience. LCDSLD developed a sleek and stylish payment kiosk featuring a high-resolution OLED display, precision-machined cover lens, and secure payment processing. The kiosk’s engaging interface and personalized product recommendations led to a 25% increase in customer loyalty program sign-ups and a 10% boost in sales.
  3. Centros de transporte: A major airport wanted to streamline its ticketing and check-in process. LCDSLD designed a robust and reliable self-service kiosk solution with a sunlight-readable display, multi-language support, and integration with the airport’s booking system. The kiosks reduced average check-in times by 50%, increased operational efficiency, and improved the overall passenger experience.

These success stories demonstrate the tangible benefits that LCDSLD’s custom display and touch solutions can bring to your business. By partnering with LCDSLD, you can unlock the full potential of your payment kiosks, drive customer engagement, and achieve a competitive edge in your industry.


In today’s fast-paced and technology-driven world, businesses that embrace innovation and prioritize customer experience are the ones that thrive. By partnering with LCDSLD, China’s top kiosk supplier, you can revolutionize your payment systems and set your business apart from the competition.

With their unrivaled customization, vertical integration, rigorous quality control, exceptional customer service, and global reach, LCDSLD is the ideal partner for your kiosk needs. Their state-of-the-art display and touch solutions, combined with their expertise and commitment to excellence, ensure that your payment kiosks deliver a seamless, secure, and engaging experience for your customers.

Don’t settle for outdated payment systems. Choose LCDSLD and embark on a journey of innovation, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Contact their team today to discuss your requirements and take the first step towards revolutionizing your payment experience.

For more information on LCDSLD’s custom display and touch solutions, visit their website at or explore their range of products:

Discover how LCDSLD’s solutions can transform your business in various industries:

Take the first step towards revolutionizing your payment experience. Contacto LCDSLD today and let their experts guide you through the process of selecting the perfect custom display and touch solution for your business.


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