Escaparates digitales para bienes raíces

The best digital window displays create a sleek, clean, and sophisticated appearance for real estate companies, helping to sell more properties and enhance service quality.

In the fast-paced world of real estate, first impressions are everything. Your office’s window displays are often the first thing potential clients see, so it’s crucial to make them eye-catching, informative, and engaging. Traditional printed listings can look cluttered and outdated, failing to capture the attention of modern buyers and sellers. This is where escaparates digitales come in – they allow you to showcase properties in a sleek, modern way using the latest display technologies.

Digital window displays leverage large LCD, LED, or projection screens to display high-resolution photos, videos, interactive maps, and up-to-the-minute listing details. This cutting-edge approach to property marketing can attract more clients, provide a better viewing experience, and give your business a tech-savvy image that resonates with today’s digitally-savvy consumers.

The Powerful Benefits of Digital Window Displays

Investing in digital window displays can pay significant dividends for real estate agencies willing to embrace new technology. Here are some of the major advantages:

1. Grab Attention and Generate Foot Traffic

Bright, vivid digital displays naturally draw the eye much more than static printed materials. They allow you to showcase listings with beautiful photography, videos that give a “live” feel for properties, and eye-catching animations and graphics that truly make your listings pop.

Digital signage solutions provider LCDSLD Technology found that 63% of people report that digital displays capturing their attention is a key reason they enter a store or business. With an engaging digital window display, you can pique interest and get more prospective buyers and sellers walking through your door.

2. Provide an Immersive Property Viewing Experience

With digital displays, you’re no longer limited to just a few photos and basic listing details. You can give an in-depth, immersive look at properties through:

  • High-resolution image galleries and videos
  • Interactive 3D tours and floor plans
  • Embedded video tours led by agents
  • Neighborhood highlights and amenity information

This level of detail and interactivity gives clients a much better sense of what properties have to offer before booking showings. It creates a more engaging experience that can lead to faster sales and happier clients.

3. Easy Updates for Current Listings

One major drawback of traditional window displays is having to constantly print out new listing sheets and reshuffling the display. Digital displays make it simple to instantly update listing details, add or remove properties, and reconfigure the content layout with just a few clicks.

Most digital signage software allows you to make updates remotely from any device. This ensures your window displays always show the latest, most accurate information to clients. It also saves significantly on printing costs over time while keeping your office looking modern and professional.

4. Customizable to Reflect Your Brand

Digital window displays give you a blank canvas to create visually striking property marketing content that reflects your brand’s style and values. You can use custom templates, graphics, videos, and animations to reinforce your unique brand identity.

For example, an agency that specializes in luxury properties could use elegant fonts, high-end photography, and lifestyle imagery. This helps shape client perceptions from the moment they view your window display, establishing your agency as an upscale, premium brand.

5. Showcase Additional Services and Credentials

Don’t just use your digital window displays for property listings – also highlight the other services your agency offers and why you’re the best choice. You can include:

  • Client testimonial videos
  • Awards and credentials
  • Community involvement
  • Agent bios and headshots
  • Explanations of your processes

This extra content gives clients a more complete picture of your brand’s expertise and unique selling points right from the start.

6. Project a Modern, Tech-Savvy Image

In today’s digital world, clients expect a certain level of technology integration from the businesses they work with – especially for major investments like real estate. Digital window displays signal that your agency is innovative and understands how to leverage modern marketing tools effectively.

This tech-forward mindset can appeal to younger buyers and sellers. It shows you have a progressive, client-focused approach compared to agencies still relying on outdated traditional marketing methods. Embracing digital displays positions your brand as a market leader on the cutting edge.

Choosing the Right Digital Display Technology

There are several different display technologies well-suited for real estate window displays. The optimal choice depends on your specific office layout, lighting conditions, budget, and marketing needs. Let’s look at some of the most popular options:

Pantallas LCD

LCD (liquid crystal display) screens offer excellent image quality and color reproduction at a relatively affordable cost. They perform well in typical indoor lighting conditions.

For window displays, agencies often use professional-grade LCD video walls comprised of multiple tiled displays for a large, seamless canvas. Consumer-grade LCD TVs can also work for smaller window spaces.

LED Displays

LED (light emitting diode) displays are extremely bright and energy-efficient, making them ideal for window displays that need to cut through glare from direct sunlight. They offer superior image quality and color compared to LCDs.

There are two main LED display types for windows:

  • LED video walls similar to LCD video walls but with higher brightness
  • LED window films that create a transparent display on glass

The main downside is that LED displays are more expensive upfront than LCDs, especially at larger sizes.

Projection Displays

For a big, immersive experience, agencies can use ultra-bright projectors to cast images directly onto window glass or shades/screens mounted in the window. This allows for huge display sizes only limited by the window dimensions.

Projection displays provide an affordable way to create massive, eye-catching visuals. However, they require more physical setup and don’t offer great image quality in brighter lighting conditions.

Interactive Touchscreens

For an extra “wow” factor, interactive touchscreen displays allow clients to explore listings in depth using intuitive touch controls. They can browse image galleries, watch videos, view 3D tours, and get more details on properties that interest them.

Touchscreen displays are attention-grabbing and provide a modern experience akin to using a smartphone or tablet. However, they require more specialized hardware and software.

No matter which display technology you choose, look for solutions that offer:

  • High brightness and contrast for vivid imagery
  • Durable, commercial-grade components
  • Remote content management and scheduling
  • Easy integration with property databases and media libraries

Many digital signage providers offer bundled solutions with content management software, media players, mounts, and service/maintenance plans.

Designing Engaging Real Estate Digital Signage Content

Once you have your digital window displays set up, you need to create compelling visual content that markets your properties effectively. Here are some best practices:

Use High-Quality Media

Invest in professional-grade photography and videography to showcase listings in the best light. Hire experienced real estate photographers and videographers, or use affordable stock media sources.

Highlight the Best Features

Don’t just show random photos and details – strategically highlight each property’s most impressive features and amenities through your content. For example, lead with stunning exterior shots or videos for homes with amazing curb appeal.

Incorporate Lifestyle Marketing

In addition to property details, use aspirational lifestyle imagery and videos that emotionally resonate with your target clients. This helps them envision living in the home or neighborhood.

Leverage Interactivity

Design interactive experiences like 3D tours, image galleries, and embedded videos that allow clients to self-navigate and dive deeper into listings at their own pace.

Reinforce Your Brand

Incorporate your agency’s logo, colors, fonts, and other branding elements. This creates visual consistency and brand recognition across all your marketing channels.

Optimize for Different Displays

Design responsive content templates that adapt well to different screen sizes, resolutions, and orientations. This ensures a seamless experience across all your digital window displays.

Many digital signage solutions provide user-friendly content creation and management tools. However, you may want to enlist professional graphic designers and multimedia specialists to produce truly world-class content.

Examples of Innovative Real Estate Digital Window Displays

To see the power of digital window displays in action, let’s look at a few examples of how industry leaders are leveraging this technology:

Sotheby’s International Realty – Video Wall

The Sotheby’s office in Brooklyn, New York features a massive video wall display in their storefront window comprised of multiple ultra-high resolution LCD monitors. They use it to showcase photos and videos of their multi-million dollar luxury listings in an immersive, larger-than-life way.

Engel & Völkers – Interactive Touchscreens

The windows of this Engel & Völkers office in Toronto are lined with large interactive touchscreen displays. Clients can browse listings, view property details, explore 3D tours, and even directly contact agents – all from the window display itself.

Berkshire Hathaway – T3ransparent LED Film

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices incorporated eye-catching transparent LED film displays into the windows of their La Jolla, California office. The displays showcase property videos and listings while still allowing visibility into the office interior.

RE/MAX – Digital Signage Network

RE/MAX has rolled out a comprehensive digital signage network to over 100 of their offices. Their window displays and lobby screens all run on a centralized content management system, allowing coordinated property marketing across locations.

As these examples illustrate, top real estate brands are going all-in on digital window displays as a way to market properties in an engaging, modern fashion. With the right strategy and solutions in place, this technology allows you to truly stand out from the competition.

Getting Started with Digital Window Displays

Implementing digital window displays requires an upfront investment in display hardware, mounting equipment, content creation resources, and digital signage software. However, the long-term benefits of increased client engagement, sales, and brand image make it worthwhile.

Here are some tips for getting started on a successful digital window display project:

  1. Audit your window spaces – Evaluate the dimensions, lighting conditions, and visibility of your office’s window areas to determine the best display sizes and technologies.
  2. Explore digital signage solutions – Research providers that offer bundled hardware/software packages tailored for real estate digital signage. Look for user-friendly content management tools.
  3. Hire creative talent – Enlist photographers, videographers, graphic designers, and multimedia specialists to produce high-quality, on-brand content for your displays.
  4. Create a content strategy – Plan out how you’ll showcase different property types, neighborhoods, agents, and marketing messages across your digital signage network.
  5. Train your team – Ensure your agents and staff understand how to effectively leverage the new digital displays during client interactions.
  6. Promote your innovation – Make your digital window displays a core part of your property marketing and highlight this technology as a key differentiator.

While there’s an upfront investment, digital window displays can pay lasting dividends by attracting more clients, accelerating sales, and reinforcing your brand as a modern, innovative agency.

By embracing cutting-edge display technologies, you’ll gain a powerful competitive edge in today’s tech-driven real estate landscape. Your office windows will be a true showcase that captures attention and immerses clients in your property listings from the moment they arrive.


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