5 razones convincentes para actualizar a tableros de menú digitales

Are you still relying on outdated static menu boards in your restaurant? It’s time to make the switch to digital. Digital menu boards are revolutionizing the restaurant industry by providing an engaging, flexible, and cost-effective solution for showcasing your menu offerings.

As a professional screen solution provider, LCDSLD is at the forefront of this digital transformation. We’ve seen firsthand how upgrading to digital menu boards can be a game-changer for restaurants of all sizes. Here are five compelling reasons why you should make the leap:

1. Effortless and Cost-Effective Menu Updates

One of the biggest advantages of digital menu boards is the ability to update your menu content instantly and affordably. With just a few clicks, you can:

  • Make real-time updates to menu items, prices, and promotions across all your screens
  • Schedule automatic daypart menu changes to seamlessly switch between breakfast, lunch and dinner offerings
  • Eliminate recurring printing costs for new menus or promotional materials

By streamlining your menu management process, digital menu boards save you valuable time and money. No more waiting for new menus to be printed or wasting resources on outdated signage.

2. Boost Sales and Profit Margins

Digital menu boards are a proven tool for driving sales and increasing average order value. With vibrant, mouth-watering food photography and the ability to highlight specific menu items, you can strategically guide customers towards your most profitable offerings.

Use your digital displays to:

  • Promote high-margin items, specials, and limited-time offers to influence ordering decisions
  • Upsell with enticing combo suggestions and add-ons like premium sides or beverage pairings
  • Feature your best-selling dishes to capitalize on their popularity and drive even more sales

Studies show that restaurants that switch to digital menu boards see an average sales lift of 3-5%, with some reporting increases as high as 50%. Even a modest 5% increase on a $1 million annual revenue means an extra $50,000 per year – making digital menu boards a smart investment.

3. Enhance the Customer Experience

Digital menu boards do more than just list your food options – they create a more engaging and interactive dining experience for your customers. With digital, you can:

  • Provide valuable information like nutritional facts, allergens, wait times and sourcing details
  • Entertain waiting customers with fun trivia, behind-the-scenes content, or community news
  • Showcase customer reviews and food photos to build social proof and inspire orders

By offering transparency, reducing perceived wait times, and forging a deeper connection with your brand, digital menu boards help create a memorable experience that keeps customers coming back.

4. Ensure Brand Consistency Across Locations

For multi-unit restaurants, maintaining brand consistency is crucial but challenging. Digital menu boards make it easy to:

  • Control menu content remotely across all locations from a central dashboard
  • Lock down brand standards for design, messaging, and pricing
  • Push out new content simultaneously to ensure every location is always in sync

Whether a customer visits your flagship store or a franchise across the country, digital menu boards guarantee a cohesive brand experience. This consistency builds trust and loyalty with your customer base.

5. Simplify Compliance and Improve Operations

Digital menu boards streamline back-of-house operations and help you stay compliant with ever-changing regulations. With digital, you can:

  • Automate menu updates based on inventory levels to 86 sold-out items in real-time
  • Integrate with your POS system to ensure pricing is always accurate
  • Update boards remotely to comply with new menu labeling laws or allergen disclosures

By reducing manual work and minimizing errors, digital menu boards allow your staff to focus on what matters most – delivering an exceptional guest experience.


In today’s competitive restaurant landscape, digital menu boards are no longer a nice-to-have – they’re a must-have. By making the switch from static to digital, you’ll have a powerful tool to showcase your menu, drive sales, and delight your customers.

The benefits are clear – increased revenue, improved operations, and a elevated dining experience. Plus, with the cost of digital signage decreasing and the technology becoming more user-friendly, there’s never been a better time to upgrade.

At LCDSLD, we specialize in providing high-quality digital menu board solutions for restaurants of all types. Our easy-to-use software and dedicated support team make the transition to digital seamless.

Don’t let your restaurant get left behind. Invest in digital menu boards today and start reaping the rewards. Your customers, your staff, and your bottom line will thank you.

Ready to learn more? Visit LCDSLD’s website to explore our digital menu board options and get started on your upgrade.


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