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In today’s fast-paced digital world, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to engage customers and streamline operations. LCDSLD, a leading manufacturer of custom display and touch solutions, offers a comprehensive range of products and services to help businesses stay ahead of the curve. With a focus on providing high-performance solutions and exceptional service to OEM customers worldwide, LCDSLD has established itself as a one-stop shop for wholesale display kiosks and touch solutions.

Cutting-Edge Display and Touch Solutions

LCDSLD’s extensive product portfolio includes a wide array of cutting-edge display and touch solutions designed to cater to various industries and applications. From interactive kiosks and touchscreen monitors to Android panel PCs and special-shaped screens, LCDSLD offers a diverse range of products to meet the unique needs of its customers.

الأكشاك التفاعلية

LCDSLD’s interactive kiosks are designed to provide an immersive and engaging experience for users. These kiosks are available in various sizes, ranging from 21.5 inches to 65 inches, and are equipped with advanced features such as touchscreens, Android operating systems, and customizable software. Whether used for information dissemination, self-service, or advertising, LCDSLD’s interactive kiosks are a powerful tool for businesses looking to enhance customer engagement.

Upgrade Your Business with Interactive Touch Screen Kiosks - Wholesale Supplier

Some key features of LCDSLD’s interactive kiosks include:

  • High-resolution displays with wide viewing angles
  • Responsive and accurate touch technology
  • Robust and durable construction for high-traffic environments
  • Customizable software and user interfaces
  • Easy integration with existing systems and networks

شاشات تعمل باللمس

LCDSLD offers a wide selection of touchscreen monitors that combine high-quality displays with responsive touch technology. These monitors are available in sizes ranging from 10 inches to 55 inches, and feature advanced touch technologies such as projected capacitive and resistive touch. With their sleek design and reliable performance, LCDSLD’s touchscreen monitors are ideal for a variety of applications, including interactive product catalogs and comparison tools, point-of-sale systems, interactive displays, and industrial control panels.

شاشات تعمل باللمس

Some notable features of LCDSLD’s touchscreen monitors include:

  • High-resolution displays with vibrant colors and sharp contrast
  • Smooth and responsive touch performance
  • Durable and scratch-resistant touch surfaces
  • Flexible mounting options for various environments
  • Compatibility with a wide range of operating systems and software

Android Panel PCs and Mini PCs

For businesses looking to integrate Android-based solutions into their operations, LCDSLD offers a range of Android panel PCs and mini PCs. These devices combine the flexibility and user-friendliness of the Android operating system with powerful hardware, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. From the compact جهاز كمبيوتر صغير يعمل بنظام أندرويد RK3399 to the versatile 22-inch industrial panel PC, LCDSLD’s Android-based solutions offer businesses the tools they need to streamline operations and enhance efficiency.

Key features of LCDSLD’s Android panel PCs and mini PCs include:

  • Powerful and energy-efficient processors
  • Ample storage and memory for smooth performance
  • Support for a wide range of peripherals and accessories
  • Customizable Android operating system with regular updates
  • Rugged and reliable construction for industrial environments

Special-Shaped Screens

LCDSLD’s special-shaped screens are designed to create unique and eye-catching displays that stand out in any environment. These screens are available in various shapes, including circular, square, and ultra-wide formats, and can be customized to meet specific requirements. With their striking appearance and advanced features, LCDSLD’s special-shaped screens are perfect for creating immersive and memorable experiences in retail, hospitality, and entertainment settings.

Some notable features of LCDSLD’s special-shaped screens include:

  • Unique and attention-grabbing designs
  • High-resolution displays with wide viewing angles
  • Customizable sizes, shapes, and aspect ratios
  • Built-in Android operating system for easy content management
  • Durable and weather-resistant construction for outdoor use

Comprehensive Solutions for Diverse Industries

LCDSLD’s display and touch solutions are designed to cater to the unique needs of various industries, including retail, healthcare, education, and entertainment. By understanding the specific challenges and requirements of each industry, LCDSLD is able to develop tailored solutions that optimize performance, enhance user experiences, and drive business growth.

Retail Solutions

In the competitive world of retail, creating engaging and memorable customer experiences is crucial for success. LCDSLD’s display and touch solutions help retailers to enhance the shopping experience by providing interactive product displaysأكشاك الخدمة الذاتية، و الإشارات الرقمية. By leveraging these technologies, retailers can showcase products, provide information, and facilitate transactions, ultimately driving sales and customer satisfaction.

Some examples of LCDSLD’s retail solutions include:

Healthcare Solutions

LCDSLD’s display and touch solutions are also well-suited for the healthcare industry, where efficiency, accuracy, and patient care are paramount. From interactive patient check-in kiosks to digital signage for wayfinding and information dissemination, LCDSLD’s solutions help healthcare providers to streamline operations, reduce wait times, and enhance the overall patient experience. By integrating these technologies into their facilities, healthcare providers can improve patient outcomes and satisfaction while optimizing resource utilization.

Some examples of LCDSLD’s healthcare solutions include:

  • Interactive patient check-in and registration kiosks
  • Digital signage for wayfinding and facility information
  • Touchscreen displays for patient education and entertainment
  • Telemedicine kiosks for remote consultations and monitoring
  • Mobile workstations for electronic health records and bedside care

Education Solutions

In the education sector, LCDSLD’s display and touch solutions are transforming the way students learn and interact with educational content. Interactive whiteboards, touchscreen displays, and self-service kiosks are just a few examples of how LCDSLD’s technologies are being used to create engaging and immersive learning experiences. By incorporating these solutions into classrooms and educational facilities, educators can foster collaboration, encourage active participation, and enhance the overall quality of education.

Some examples of LCDSLD’s education solutions include:

  • Interactive whiteboards for collaborative learning and presentations
  • Touchscreen displays for interactive learning materials and assessments
  • Self-service kiosks for library resources and campus information
  • Digital signage for event announcements and emergency notifications
  • Mobile device charging stations and Wi-Fi hotspots for student use

Entertainment Solutions

LCDSLD’s display and touch solutions are also making a significant impact in the entertainment industry, particularly in cinemas and amusement parks. From interactive ticket kiosks and self-service concession stands to immersive digital displays and interactive exhibits, LCDSLD’s technologies are helping entertainment venues to create unforgettable experiences for visitors. By leveraging these solutions, entertainment providers can enhance customer engagement, increase revenue, and differentiate themselves in a highly competitive market.

Some examples of LCDSLD’s entertainment solutions include:

  • Interactive ticket kiosks with seat selection and upsell options
  • Self-service concession stands with touchscreen ordering and payment
  • Immersive digital displays for movie trailers and advertisements
  • Interactive exhibits and games for amusement park attractions
  • Digital signage for wayfinding and event information

Exceptional Service and Support

In addition to its extensive product portfolio, LCDSLD is committed to providing exceptional service and support to its customers. With a team of experienced professionals and a global network of partners, LCDSLD offers comprehensive end-to-end services, including product design, manufacturing, technical support, and after-sales service. By working closely with its customers to understand their unique needs and challenges, LCDSLD is able to develop customized solutions that deliver optimal performance and value.

Some key aspects of LCDSLD’s service and support include:

  • Dedicated project managers for personalized attention and support
  • Rapid prototyping and sample production for faster time-to-market
  • Rigorous quality control and testing for reliable performance
  • Comprehensive technical support and troubleshooting
  • Flexible warranty and maintenance options for long-term peace of mind


As a leading manufacturer of custom display and touch solutions, LCDSLD is the go-to choice for businesses seeking to enhance customer engagement, streamline operations, and drive growth. With its extensive product portfolio, industry-specific solutions, and commitment to exceptional service and support, LCDSLD is well-positioned to help businesses navigate the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Whether you’re looking for wholesale display kiosks, touchscreen monitors, or custom solutions, LCDSLD has the expertise and resources to help you achieve your goals. Contact LCDSLD today to learn more about how their innovative display and touch solutions can transform your business.


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